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New Review by MovimentiProg Magazine

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Brand new “Morning Grooves” review appeared on italian magazine “MovimentiProg”

Enjoy it and stay tuned for more!

“Mind, Passion And Instinct: the triptych “Mind, Passion and Instinct”- the title of one of the songs that make up this disc – seems to be the compass that guides the work of Alessandro Bottura. The little genius of progressive fusion and funky colors, the young musician from Modena is more than a bassist: composer and instrumentalist, has created this intriguing debut album “Morning Grooves” in complete solitude.
After having the experience in groups such as NoLogo and Landslide Ladies, Bottura studied in the USA with Jeff Berlin and returned back to Italy where he received more endorsements. The meeting with the manager Mark A. Forrest back in the States and through Las Vegas they have launched their project to the world. The hard fact is that they are enjoying wide international radio shows and good music reviews.
The secret? The balance between the different components: the technical element is subordinate to the objectives clearly defined, the emotional balance of virtuosity, funk soul and warms the typical jazz-fusion solutions, often diverted into reggae and rock shores. “Out of sight,” the piece quoted at the beginning, the overwhelming “MayDay Mayhem” and “Tropical Night” mixing different influences (from jazz-rock as “flesh” of the ’70s nu-jazz to contemporary, from Weather Report ‘s Jaco goes to Medeski Martin & Wood), the calypso of “Quetzalcoatl” is buzzing as the eclectic funk “Stern Memories” from the vague references to Hendrix.
A fine debut album from a valuable Italian musician, who awaits a second trial, perhaps with a group that can enhance even more its project.”

Donato Zoppo
Movimenti Prog

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New Release – “Morning Grooves – Special Digital Edition”

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Finally the new album is out! The new release of Morning Grooves contains the remixes and the remasterings of all the nine tracks included in the previous “Morning Grooves” plus two brand new releases, “Gotta pay!” and “Hope After All”.

Here’s the complete tracklist:
1. Out Of Sight RMX (Rough BX3 Solo Edit)
2. Mind, Passion & Instinct RMX (Ozone Fixed Edit)
3. Quetzalcoatl RMX (Less Rain Edit)
4. Deaf Kids’ Disco RMX (Mark Pad Edit)
5. Sweet Tears RMX (R’n’B Groove Edit)
6. Stern Memories RMX (Hard BX3 Edit)
7. MayDay Mayhem RMX (Tied Up Edit)
8. Black Lady RMX (Dark Mood Edit)
9. Tropical Night RMX (Reggae Feel Edit)
10. Gotta Pay! (Bonus Track)
11. Hope After All (Bonus Track)

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“Morning Grooves – Special Digital Editon” – Presentation Clip

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Presentation clip for “Morning Grooves – Special Digital Editon”, soon available on all the major web stores.

The album consists of the remixes of all the previous album tracks and two brand new tunes, “Gotta Pay” and “Hope After All”.

All tracks written, arranged and played by Alessandro Bottura
Logo, Artwork and Photoshoot by Federica Castellani Tarabini
Management by Mark A. Forrest
Produced by Bucephalus Productions and Maftrust Inter Vivos
© 2010 – All right reserved

New album Coming Soon

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New “Morning Grooves Special Digital Edition” Remix Album with two brand new Bonus Tracks, “Gotta Pay” and “Hope After All”,  is sure to make for quite an exquisite listening experience! Available on web stores only!

“Rock Impressions” Review

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A brand new review of  “Morning Grooves” appeared on the web, made from the italian musical information website “Rock Impressions”. Here it is:

“Times are changed compared to 70s, 80s and 90s, music tries to derive benefits from the net. This modern weapon, indissolubily tied to computer, allows to been known and self-product oneself in the eyes of the whole world. Recording studios and producing companies are less and less useful, but that isn’t totally a negative side for music’s future. Thousands of musical talents all around the world, without internet, would have been remained anonymous. That’s the case of Alessandro Bottura, a local and valid multi-instrumentalist. Bottura loves to play mainly the bass and the way of playin’ recalls inexorably to the mind the name of Jaco Pastorius. So, we’re talkin’ about a Rock Jazz with flashes of Fusion. Surely to the more attentive of you, Bottura’s name doesn’t sound new, and in fact surely made its work.
The track “May Day Mayhem”, then, is topping the RadioIndy’s chart in America and the Reverbnation’s one here in Italy. This is why we can find “Morning Grooves” on, I-Tunes, CdBaby, Napster and much more websites of that kind. Internet is a stab in the back of the musical business because of wild downloading, but at the same time is an inexhaustible forge of brand new artists. “Out Of Sight” is a track that immediatly displays the artist’s gifts and opens more than worthily the cd. Personally, I love very much the warm sound of the bass and this heats me inside, makin’ me immediatly endear this music. I don’t hide that I’ve been a big fan of the canadian band Uzeb and those of you that knows them can understand what I mean for warm sound, even Bottura himself, I think. Jazz improvvisation, good guitar solos and some nice drum roll, accompany the listening. And it’s not by chance that the second track has named “Mind, Passion & Instinct”, the real summary of “Morning Grooves”, valid more than a thousand words…But pay attention, we’re not listening to a self-celebratory record, altought all the ingredients leads to that, there’s also heart and really melodic piano moments. There’s joy in “Quetzalcoatl”, so much that the foot starts to beat track rhythm by itself.Delightful is also the dynamism of the guitar in the final of “Deaf Kids’ Disco”, but, as I told before, the record star is “May Day Mayhem”. Draggin’ rhythm and explosive bass, it represent Alessandro Bottura’s present sound at his best.

All the record is very pleasant to be listened and flows away quikly in his nine tracks and fifty minutes. Surely, it isn’t all a bed of roses, let’s come to the faults (even if little), I think that sometimes there’s a need to dare more, for what concern the writing side. That’s giving a stylistic paw, too often (but that’s also a gendre’s fault) some deja-vus come to the mind. The second mole is a little critic, personally I’m still tied to certain canons, so that, for me, the artwork is still important, a completion of the whole work..and here things don’t go well at all. For everything else, boys, let’s give a listen to this new italian artist, you won’t regret. Meanwhile, welcome and good luck to Alessandro Bottura”

– Massimo Salari for “Rock Impressions” –

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Press Release

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Another Press Release, on PRLog and

Here it is:

“LAS VEGAS, NV, July 24, 2009 — Multifaceted and colorful, Morning Grooves is a continual delight on the staff, a carefree sound that comes from the best influences fusion, funk and electro. The technique comes out perfect from the first listen but the rest Bottura after five years of piano, guitar joined, on drums and finally to the electric bass on the disc that is practically the prince, in 2007 obtained the degree in music at the DAMS Bologna. Sounds far, summer and tropical converge in a single melody with “Out of Sight” and endless frenetic pace, a stroke on the keys of the bass, dancing on the strings and then for a moment, the notes of a piano show an immense calm that once again welcomes the ecstatic frenzy, is “Mind, Passion & Instinct” the second track, a highway along which the various sounds are chasing interweaving. The dances are not finished yet, not until the shock of “Quetzalcoatl” has slipped in the legs making you move your pelvis and shoulders around the clock, the sounds permeate the listening nullifying the effect of size simply by scrolling over anything that is about as a colorful stream. “Deaf Kids’ Disco” bounces with her hyperactive performance funk, putting well highlighted the harmony of different instruments as they rotate, but the real substance is known to pause in that Bottura introduces several songs calm down for a moment the tumultuous rage of the piece with a mirror of melodies. “Sweet Tears” is reflection, memories, known simply blown in the slow drip of rhythm, the low legal guardian of a trumpet ragged in a carousel of sounds just barely whispered. “Stern Memories” tends his hand to jazz joking about sudden changes, a chamber piece, from taste to the end, recovering the wake of the funk that pierces the entire album, “Mayday Mayhem” flows directly from the seventies, low blows known as boils, cut the battery is alternate with furious attacks of the instruments, perhaps this is the track that encloses most of all the immense versatility and versatility of the artist, sin will end too soon. “Black Lady”, a cocktail of funk and jazz very successful, especially the choice of sounds simple, minimal parts makes even more appreciable, the disc is perfect for a relaxing evening in the company of friends, but in the long term appears in some passages “static”, linked to a well-defined line. However Bottura can enter every trace elements in surprising and totally subversive shares than the main structure, such as time of Arab “Black Lady”. “Tropical Night” starts winding up and promises to notice what the title means, get lost on this final track is almost like dreaming, and the closure is good, the beautiful and very hard to discover, we hope to see Bottura live soon. Alessio Scicolone- Extra Music Magazine

“Funk, Rock, Pop and Jazz all mixed up in this first album by Italian bass player Alessandro Bottura; a 9-track instrumental journey in a Fusion experience that learns from masters such as Weather Report, Yellowjackets, Rippingtons, Spyro Gyra and MM&W.” -CDBaby-

This is the review appeared on 9th June 2009 on the italian webzine “” for “Morning Grooves”:

“Bottura is a really young italian multi-instrumentalist (born 1984) with solid musical bases built with harmony, drums, guitar, piano and electric bass studies. This kaleidoscopic preparation allowed him to compose, product and realize all by himself this work that can be collocated into Fusion music area.

The broad spectrum of responsibilities assumed by the musician is a strong signal of his competences, character and potentials.

On the other hand, the multi-disciplinary orientation of the single author determines the main limits of the work; it’s difficult to do everything at the top level and, above all, impossible to avoid the risk of a certain homogenity of the instrumental parts.

Compositions signal a rhythmic sensibility based on Jazz and Funk, with a fondness for syncopated and rubato merged fluidly with rolled passages. The choice of duration is orientated to mid-tempo, to create that typical cadencial schemes in which beat and upbeat are really clear and sometimes too regular.

The melodies are mainly exposed by piano and guitar that introduce the themes leaving then to the bass a series of beats for the variations. In this phase we’ve got the best from the artist, that evaluates his main instrument with interventions that recalls Pastorius or Clarke (or many others, starting from Weather Report).

The tunes’ structure often recall the classical scheme AABA; the melodies evoke different influences, from Latin to Progressive, from New Age to Blues; anyway, these ingredients never predominate in a decisive way and after all it conserves an after-taste centred on jazz rock (or rock jazz, it depends..).

The whole work result sometimes a little too much homogeneous and self-referenced, without the unpredictability that’s the main flavour of this genre.

Anyway, lights certainly prevails on shadows; the work must be considered as a really important expression of potentials that will transform into effective performance when the artist will be able to exploit his knowledges synergically united with others”

– Vittorio Formenti for “” –

RadioIndy is pleased to present Alessandro Bottura with a GrIndie Award for the CD “Morning Grooves”
Jaco Pastorius would be proud to hear the bass chops of jazz artist Alessandro Bottura. His latest record, “Morning Grooves” is a smooth fusion of rock, jazz, and pop instrumentals all rolled into one amazing sound. Bottura’s bass playing speaks for itself and is immediately evident right from the opening track, “Out of Sight.” His jazz fueled bass runs fly up and down the neck and are nicely driven by some outstanding guitar/drum work. Bottura changes gears a bit and slow things down on “Sweet Tears,” which also highlights his staccato playing skills. Any fan of Jaco Pastorius or of virtuoso bass playing will love this album, plus the band behind Bottura is just as exceptional as he.

-Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team

Check out Alessandro Bottura ‘s music on with link to purchase and links to popular sites”

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Nr.1 on!

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Thanks to your support, I’ve reached the first position above all gendre on, besting more than 300 other artists!

Here’s the direct link to “The Stage”, Tuneshout’s Official Chart.