Janaid Princess V Alessandro Bottura Signature “BUCEPHALUS”

Finally the bass realized from the amazing spanish luthier Javier Lopez of Janaid Guitars is ready!

An incredible instrument, both for aestethics, tone and feel!

The only thing I can say is “Thanks J!!”


Neck Features:
  • 5 strings with Hi-C
  • Standard scale - 24 frets
  • Hard Maple (4 laminates), Wenge (2 laminates) and Bubinga (1 laminate) with Mukali veneers
  • Neck-Through-Body
  • CocoBolo Fingerboard with Hard Maple insert
  • Fretted (17 frets) and fretless (7 lined frets)
  • Orange LightAid Resine Alessandro Bottura's Logo on fretless part
  • Black Resine Block Inlays
  • Olive Wood Peghead Top with "Bucephalus" Insert
  • Wood Nut
Body Features:
  • Standard JanAid Princess Singlecutaway body shape
  • Buckeye Burl Top
  • Iroko and Cedar Body
  • Olive, Iroko and Tiger Walnut back
  • White Binding (only in the back)
  • High Gloss Laquer finishes
Hardware Features:
  • Redwood Backplate
  • Olive wood knobs
  • Olive wood Pickup covers
  • Three-Way golden bridge
  • Wilkinson gold tuners
  • Marvel golden straplocks
Electronic Features:
  •  Two SounAid soap passive pickups
  • Aguilar OBP-3 SoundAid modified onboard preamp (4 pots) with
    Active/Passive Blend control, Treble/Custom JanAid's Alessandro
    Bottura's sound and stacked Mid/Bass

Perfect for every kind of music, from Jazz to Funk, Pop, Rock, this bass isn’t only an instrument, but a 360° playin’ experience, made by one of the greatest living luthiers.

For more infos on these amazing instruments click here


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