2nd Interview for “Imbuteria Social Network”

Translation of the second interview made by Balconaggio for “Imbuteria Social Network” on May 6th 2009 :

‘mbuti: “Independent music, independent artist, a mixed blessing?”
AB: “I think “mixed blessing” without question mark! Being independent involves a continuous effort both physical and economic to realize and promote yourself and your works; moreover, we’ve got to say that, unfortunately, Italy isn’t the best place to be in terms of attention to the emergent musical scene, expecially talkin’ about gendres that issue from the actual mainstream current. In the last years, thanks to a really infinite resource that’s the net, it seems like things are going better, since you’ve got the opportunity to submit your works not only to a “limited” public, like in case of really sporadic and badly remunerated live shows, but to the whole world.
After this, the best advantage in stayin’ “independent” resides in the total action autonomy that leads to the relization of a product that really reflects all that the musician has inside, that really is the expression of the deepest ego, without being manipulated by market’s logic that a relation with a major label would impose.”

‘mbuti: “Art and social, do you match them? And how?
AB: “In “The World as Will and Representation”, Schopenhauer told us that music, thanks to its universal language, express the most intimate essence of the world. So, if we think about Social as everything that regards the human society, then every kind of music, apart from gendres and composers, has in itself a social component, just because it has been composed by human beings.
Anyway, I personally think that there are several arguments, for example politics, that’s best for us to avoid because, in my opinion, are not so useful to Music, if ever the opposite, turning it, most of times, into mere political propaganda rather than into Art.”


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