Supporto Italiano Webzine Review

Another very good review for “Morning Grooves” from the online italian music webzine “Supporto Italiano”:

“The artist from Modena porposes a hot and sophisticated work.

Maybe just too much for the barbaric and rough tastes of Supporto Italiano, but, in a way, advisable for whom has the luck to have a delicate and attentive ear.

Alessandro Bottura is an awesome bass player, just as many others on the earth after all. But just a few of them has the strenght to challenge the marketplace alone.

Alessandro studies at PercentoMusica in Roma with the Masters Massimo Moriconi, Pierpaolo Ranieri, Mario Guarini, Luca Pirozzi and Alessandro Patti (electric bass), Massimo Fedeli (playing ensembles and improvisation), Aldo Fedele and Franco Ventura (playing ensembles), Andrea Avena and Stefano Scatozza (music theory), Fabrizio Aiello (rythmical awareness) and continues the studies also at the “Accademia di Musica” in Modena, following the improvement class holded by M° Giuseppe La Monica.

The record is the synthesis of the bassist’s enterprising research. It comes out under the overview of Maftrust Inter Vivos of Las Vegas.

A curriculum rich and full-bodied that comes out from the composition exposed on this Morning Grooves. Alessandro Bottura, between straight funk and fusion virtuosity, gives wonderful hyper-technical attacks attended by research and bright and expressive solutions.

It won’t be the record of the century, but our brave bass player knows his stuff and will certainly make talk about him in future.

Vote: 8,5/10″

– Fabrizio Maulu –

To see the complete May 2009 number, click here


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