Interview for “Imbuteria Social Network”

Translation of the interview of 24th March 2009 made by Balconaggio for “Imbuteria Social Network”:

‘mbuti: “How many hours per-day do you dedicate to music in all its forms, what activity prevales and what’s your favorite one?”

AB: “Right now I’m working part-time, so my training time’s average is of  only 4-5 hours per-day, mainly focused on instrumental practice,  tryin’ to takin’ care of both the purely technical part and the more musical one, that is rhythm, harmony and melody.  Tipically to this second part belongs the activity that i prefer, that’s the study, the internalization and the reprocessing  of the great musicians, not only of the great bass-players: for example, studyin’ a Miles Davis’ solo or a Jimi Hendrix’s riff on the bass and putting them foward again varied and elaborated according to my musical taste in different contexts from the original ones, a brand new range of possibilities is opening out to my mind, lettin’ me discover things that you’ll never found written on a book! All of this, naturally, without forgetting that my instrument is the bass,  and a particulare cure (and of humble reverence) must be reserved to the great masters (such as Stanley Clarke, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, John Paul Jones, Jeff Berlin and obviously Jaco Pastorius, just to name my favourites..), studyin’ whom you can realized that all of them has made the previous exercise!”

‘mbuti: “You’re really a good musician, in my opinion with the bass you’re at the highest levels, also your original compositions are valuable, can you describe us your creative process and your feeling toward interpretation?”

AB: “Thanks a lot for the wonderful compliments! For what concearns the creation of a piece, I ain’t got a precise pattern, or better,  I ain’t got a fixed point from where to start; it can be the main theme or the bass line or even the harmony to born  first, the only fundamental point that I pre-arrange is that the complete tune, regardless of how much complicated it can be in theory,  must flow with naturalness, with no rough edges nor screeches, fitting in all the parts so that they’ll sound just like one thing. This can seem like a banality, but it isn’t expected at all, least of all simple! Regarding the interpretation, well…as the always wise Massimo Moriconi says, playin’ is like makin’ love, is havin’ fun while makin’ others havin’fun (ok, ok, those who had the luck to talk with Massimo will certainly know that his version is DEFINITELY more direct and less “politically correct”!!!), is getting emotions across, the knowledge that one word said at the right moment in the right way sometimes worths like one hundred..”

For seeing the original italian version of the interview, click here


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