My Musical History

I was born on 3rd June 1984 and I started to get interested in music since I was a child,  studying piano for 5 years,  then guitar and drums until 2000, when I finally landed to the electric bass as self-taught.

With the rock band NoLogo, we’ve performed in many live shows throughout Modena, winning also the regional contest Suonatecele 2 that was announced by La Tenda. It was great fun in that period, always giggin’ upside down,  no matter how far or what time, only thinkin’ about playin’ loud and makin’ mess!

From 2002, I started the Accademia di Musica in Modena, following both the theory class taken by Giuseppe La Monica and the instrument course with Enrico Lazzarini (2002-2006) and Glauco Zuppiroli (2006-2007).

From 2004 to 2006, I was playing with the band Landslide Ladies, getting gigs all across Italy: Milano, Torino, Roma, Venezia, Padova, Vicenza, Bologna, Bari, etc. . Just a taste of the real life on-the-road, but an exceptional experience that teached me a lot on how to live (professionally) in a band.

In 2007, I’d finally earned my Degree in Music at the D.A.M.S. of Bologna;  in the same year, I’ve also attended the “One Week Intensive” program at the Jeff Berlin’s Players School Of Music in Clearwater, Tampa, FL. auditing to Master Classes by Larry Coryell, Gumbi Ortiz and Richard Dreixler. Men, what an experience being taught by Mr. Jeff Berlin himself!

I’m currently studying at PercentoMusica in Roma, being taught on music and life by some of the best italian musicians, such like Massimo Moriconi, Pierpaolo Ranieri, Mario Guarini and Luca Pirozzi (electric bass), Fabio Zeppetella and Michael Rosen (Jazz Improvisation), Massimo Fedeli (playing ensembles and improvisation), Aldo Fedele, Franco Ventura and Davide Aru (playing ensembles), Andrea Avena and Stefano Scatozza (music theory), Fabrizio Aiello (rythmical awareness).

I also continue the studies at the Accademia Di Musica in Modena, following the improvement classes held by M Giuseppe La Monica.

At the end of 2008,  I’ve known Mr. Mark A. Forrest, artist manager and chief of the Maftrust Inter Vivos of Las Vegas, NV, who made possible the pubblication of my first solo CD, “Morning Grooves”, published in 2009 and already available on


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