“Morning Grooves” CD presentation

"Morning Grooves"

The Final Layout Made by Federica Castellani Tarabini

Born from the abundance of ideas (some good, some other less, I must admit), from the need of listen as realized what I’ve got in my head and from the almost total absence of external collaborators, the project “Morning Grooves” contains everything that influenced me in my musical career, from Hard Rock to Funk, passing through Pop and Jazz: so, it mustn’t be surprising finding here recalls and quotations more or less explicit to well-known artists and not. The title itself comes from the situation in which these song are written, that is during my daily morning training sessions, from which I take some permissions to develop any possible ideas. The project has finally taken the definitive form of LP at the beginning of 2009, thanks to the support and the collaboration given by Mark A. Forrest.

Check the direct links to my LastFm Page to hear the tracks and to CDBaby for buyin’ it!


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